Frequently Asked Questions


Do you guarantee we'll get into the college of our choice?

No. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee you will get into any specific college. Our services are designed to help you find a college that is a good fit, improve your chances of getting into college, be prepared academically, financially, and socially for college, and to be ready to succeed in college.

Will you be our main point of contact with universities?

We will work with you side-by-side during the admissions and visa process.  This will typically take the form of us coaching students on how to interact with the colleges they're interested in as it's very important for students to reach out to colleges and admissions officers. Not only does it help them develop communication skills with adults in an "interview-type" situation, it's also critical to develop personal relationships with admissions officers, faculty, coaches, etc who can act as advocates for students.

Do you offer SAT or act tutoring?

We do not offer SAT or ACT tutoring. We don't believe we can provide these services at a better level than you can find online for free. There are plenty of free websites offering SAT and ACT strategies and practice questions. Khan Academy, for example, has excellent, free SAT prep.

What if i want to get started before my junior year?

While most students start their college search in earnest heading into their junior year, there are plenty of students who want to get started early. If that's you, please reach out to us about investigating your college options earlier.  At the end of your sophomore year is a good time to start!

are your services cookie-cutter or personalized?

Our services are definitely personalized.  Our services are about you achieving your dreams and that requires us tailoring everything to you. We'll work with you on strengthening your weaknesses and highlighting your strengths to give you the best chance of getting into your dream school.


do you have specific colleges you work with?

Yes.  We represent a select group of colleges and universities.   We work with universities that are interested in Dominican students specifically and that offer something unique for Dominican students. 

Will you work with students outside dominican republic?

Absolutely! We can work with any international students.Unfortunately, since we are located in Dominican Republic, any sessions with students located outside Dominican Republic will need to be done remotely (except in rare instances).

will you fill out applications and do everything for me?

I get it. Filling out applications is boring and stressful. I hated it. But it is very important that you complete the steps in the application process yourself. For one thing, if schools suspect someone has done it for you, they could deny your application. Getting into colleges and earning scholarships is something students need to take ownership of.  That being said, we are able to assist you in your application to make sure you've completed it accurately.


will you help me get my student visa?

As with your university application, we can't obtain your student visa for you but we will be working with you and the university to ensure you have all the documentation required and accurately completed.