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University Selection

We're passionate about helping match students to universities where they'll feel at home, succeed in the classroom, and not be buried in debt.  With that in my, we will help you analyze which of the colleges we represent is the best fit for you socially, academically, and financially.  

Student visa assistance

Actually, this one is much easier than it sounds.  Most of this will be taken care of during the college application process and financial statement you'll need to submit to the colleges, which we'll be assisting you with.  But we know obtaining your student visa can be stressful so we're here for moral support and to walk you through the process if you need it.  Don't worry, though, thousands of students do it every year without problem!




University Application/Scholarship Assistance

Applying to universities in the United States as an international student requires lots of steps that can be confusing.  We understand!  That's why we're here.  After you've selected the universities that we work with that you'd like to apply to, we'll help make sure your application is complete and represents you as a strong candidate for admission.

In addition, we'll help you prepare for any additional scholarships you apply to separately.  This could include essay and application evaluation and interview practice.

College Preparation

It can be a struggle for American students to go away to college.  You're usually away from home for the first time, you don't know anyone, and you don't have your family to help clean your room, do laundry, make your schedule, and get you food.  Now add in an academic load that is harder than what you've ever experienced and times can be tough.

For international students, this challenge is even harder.  You're now using a second language and in an entirely new culture.  

We'll help you with tips to ensure you're prepared for college coursework, to improve your English, how to make the most of your college experience socially, and how to avoid cultural issues that might arise.